IPKall Setup

IPKall is a free service that will hook you up with your own PSTN phone number.  Any calls to that phone number will get converted into a SIP call and sent over the Internet to a SIP server like Asterisk.

Signing up is relatively straight-forward:

Go to http://phone.ipkall.com/

Sign up for a phone number.

  • Area Code: Any area code is fine
  • SIP Username: use your netID
  • Hostname or IP Address: asterisk.itp-redial.com
  • Email Address: Whatever you want
  • # of seconds to ring before hanging up: 120 is fine.

Here’s what my form looked like:


When you receive your email from IPKall, please send me an email with the following info:

  • Your IPKall phone number: (something like 360-968-9938)
  • SIP Phone Number: (something like ck987)
  • context and extension to send the calls: (something like ck987_ipkall,s)
  • The context can be anything in your extension.conf.  It’s not provided by IPKall.

That’s all you have to do if you are sending calls to asterisk.itp-redial.com.  I’ll take care of the rest.

If you want to add an IPKall number to your own asterisk server, you’ll want to add the following info to the bottom of /etc/asterisk/sip.conf:




Add the [ipkall-in] context (or whatever you use for “context=” in the ipkall sip peer) to /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf:

;this is just an example. notice that the extension is your ipkall username
 ;chris' ipkall num- 206-424-xxxx
 exten => chris3000,1,Answer();
 exten => chris3000,n,Wait(1);
 exten => chris3000,n,Playback(hello-world);
 exten => chris3000,n,Hangup()