Google Voice

Although our Asterisk setup can’t do speech-to-text, we can use Google Voice’s built-in transcription system for certain use cases. If your project doesn’t need real-time feedback and your audio is less than 90 seconds, then Google Voice will do a decent job. An example of a project that could use Google Voice would be a service where you could record a message, and within a few minutes the message would be converted to text and posted to a blog.

Get a Google Voice Account.

You’ll need a Google account to sign up for Google Voice. Signup is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to pick a phone number, but any number will work for our needs.

Make sure that your new number doesn’t forward to your cell phone or Google Chat.










When you’re set up, you should see your Google Voice dashboard.


You’ll need to configure your Google Voice account to automatically send all calls to voicemail and to forward the transcribed voicemails to a separate email account.







Voicemail and Text Settings: Make sure that google voice is transcribing your voicemails and is sending the transcription to the proper email account. A Gmail account is best, but any email account will work.

Calls Settings: turn off Call Screening and enable “Do Not Disturb”. That will send all calls immediately to voicemail.


You should be all set up now! Call your Google Voice number to confirm that your calls are going to voicemail, and that your voicemails are getting transcribed and sent to your email address.