Asterisk In The Cloud

Follow these instructions to set up the Redial stack on a Rackspace Cloud Server.
The Redial Stack includes:

  • Asterisk 11
  • Ruby-agi 2.0.1 (redial-ruby-agi)
  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • Apache, optimized for Sinatra Apps
  • Cloud9 IDE
  • TinyPhone Server

Add a user:

cd ~/scripts
./ <username>

Asterisk confs are automatically generated for the user.  They can be found at /home/<username>/asterisk_conf.  You can also edit the core Asterisk conf files at /etc/asterisk.

Set up phone number with IPKall

Check out weeks 1-5 of the redial syllabus for basic instruction on Asterisk, including audio playback, audio record, voicemail, AGI, and automated outbound dialing.

Check out weeks 8-10 for advanced AGI and the TinyPhone server.

More info on the TinyPhone server can be found on its github account.

TinyPhone has clients for JavaScript/HTML5 and for Java/Processing

You can also get excellent Asterisk documentation at